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6 Tips to Get the Most from Your Electric Scooter Battery

6 Tips to Get the Most from Your Electric Scooter Battery


Most commuter electric scooters are made for short distance travelling. However, riders can ride a longer range or reach the maximum range of their e-scooter if they know how to maximise their battery. After all, the battery provides the energy that an e-scooter needs to travel. This quick guide will show you how to get the most from your electric scooter battery.

How Long Does an Electric Scooter Battery Last?

An average electric scooter battery typically lasts around one to three years. As with any battery, it will also start to reduce its capacity, depending on several factors. These factors include the battery size and capacity, the e-scooter usage, and the way you take care of the battery. Overall, keeping the battery in good condition will help it last longer significantly.

6 Tips to Get the Most from Your Electric Scooter Battery

Follow these tips to help you optimise and maximise your e-scooter battery.

Use an original and premium battery

If you need to replace your e-scooter battery or charger, make sure that you are using the original battery and charger for your electric scooter. Some e-scooter batteries and chargers can be expensive, depending on the brand and its capacity. So, some e-scooter owners buy generic batteries or chargers since it is affordable.

However, avoid using batteries or chargers that are not recommended for your e-scooter. Although some generic batteries or chargers are compatible with some e-scooter models, it could still affect the overall performance of your battery and e-scooter. After all, these batteries were not specifically designed for your e-scooter model. Always buy original and premium components for your e-scooter.

Let the electric scooter battery cool before charging

Avoid overworking your electric scooter by allowing it to cool before charging. After a long ride, the e-scooter battery has gained a lot of heat. Plugging a warm battery after use may cause it to overheat.

As with other batteries, heat kills a battery’s lifespan and can cause it to deplete faster. Moreover, excessive heat can also cause batteries to stop working, bulge, or catch fire. So, avoid these hazards by letting your e-scooter battery cool down for at least 30 minutes or when it is cool to the touch before charging it.

Avoid draining the battery

Never drain the battery to prolong your electric scooter battery’s lifespan. Some people prefer to get the most out of the battery by draining it completely. However, draining the battery can result in decreasing your electric scooter battery capacity. Before charging your e-scooter battery, make sure you have around 10% to 40% of charge left.

To prevent draining your battery quickly, ride at a moderate speed and steer away from uphill roads. Riding at a high speed and travelling on an inclined path or in a rough environment makes an e-scooter exert more power. This results in the battery depleting faster. So, ride at a steady pace on flat surfaces to avoid draining your battery.

Charge it regularly

Make sure that your e-scooter battery always has a charge to keep it in good condition. Even if you will not be using your electric scooter for a while, charge your electric scooter so it doesn’t naturally drain during storage.

Charging regularly will put less strain on the battery and maintain its optimal condition. Moreover, charging the battery regularly ensures that you always have enough energy whenever you ride. So, make it a habit to charge before or after riding.

Don’t overcharge

Although charging regularly is recommended, make sure that you don’t overcharge. Most riders charge their electric scooters overnight so that it’s ready for riding in the morning. However, this can lead to overcharging, especially when you leave the battery plugged in for too long. Overcharging can also affect the capacity of the battery, just like if you were draining it.

To avoid overcharging, know the recommended charging time of your e-scooter battery, and keep an eye on it when charging. As soon as it is full, make sure to unplug it from the outlet.

Store the battery properly

Finally, take care of your e-scooter battery by storing it properly. Make sure to place or store your e-scooter under the right temperatures. Each e-scooter battery has its optimal temperature. However, just make sure that you don’t place it inside a storage or area that’s too hot or cold.

Extreme temperatures can deplete the battery’s capacity, especially for Lithium-ion batteries. Moreover, keeping it in dusty storage can damage the other parts of your e-scooter. To maintain the battery and e-scooter’s condition, store them in a cool, clean and dry place.

Maximise Your Electric Scooter Battery for Longer Rides

Remember that the battery is one of the most vital components of your e-scooter. Make sure to charge and store it properly to prolong its lifespan. Practice the tips above to help you reach farther distances and make your battery last longer.

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