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Mercane WideWheel Pro Review

Mercane WideWheel Pro Review

Image of a Mercane wide wheel scooter


Top Speed 45 kph
Max Range 50 km
Weight 22 kg
Max Load 120 kg
Motor Power Dual 500W or Single 500W
Charging Time 4 to 6 hours
Max Slope 30 degrees
Tyres 7-inch solid tyres
IP Rating IP54

Pros & Cons


  • A 50-km maximum range
  • 14.4aH Panasonic battery
  • Wide 7-inch wheels
  • Great for inclines and slight off-roading
  • Affordable for its specs
  • Solid tyres are puncture-proof


  • Solid tyres make the ride quality slightly less comfortable
  • Slightly less easy to maneuver due to wide and small wheels

The Mercane WideWheel Pro has been gaining popularity in the industry due to its promising specs and features. After resolving issues from its earlier versions and upgrading some features, the Mercane WideWheel Pro 2021 version is a force to be reckoned with. However, it’s still not a perfect electric scooter as it has some slight impurities, such as its wide wheel trademark. The wheels offer stability and distinction, but they can also be slightly stiffer to maneuver, which can be an issue for some riders.

Nonetheless, the Mercane WideWheel Pro is a promising electric scooter. That’s why it has gained attention not only in Australia but also across the globe. If you are looking to buy this electric scooter, here’s a quick Mercane WideWheel Pro review to help you learn more about this great e-scooter.



The Mercane WideWheel Pro has a maximum speed of 45 kph, which is a normal top speed for its competition. However, riders should keep in mind that e-scooters have a default speed of 25 kph, due to the electric scooter law. Riders will need to manually adjust the top speed setting to unlock it.


Riders can get up to 50 km (31 miles) of range with the Mercane WideWheel Pro. This ideal max range is slightly higher than most long-range e-scooters and lower than most off-road electric scooters in the market. Also, riders will need to lower their expectations with the max range since it could change depending on your weight, riding style, and environment. Some Mercane WideWheel Pro reviews tested the range and only got a max range of 30 km (18.6 miles). Nonetheless, this is a great long-range e-scooter for daily commutes and occasional off-road trips.


This Mercane electric scooter weighs 22 kg, which is significantly higher than most portable commuter electric scooters. Although it can still be carried, some riders may have a difficult time lifting it, especially when walking up or down the stairs. However, one good feature of the Mercane WideWheel Pro is its foldable stem and handles. Because of this, the body of the e-scooter becomes more compact, making it easy to carry and store. So, if the weight isn’t an issue for you, then this is a good portable e-scooter.

Ride Quality

Thanks to the electric scooter’s sturdy build and motor power, riding the WideWheel Pro feels comfortable and fun to ride. The wide wheels also provide a more stable ride. However, the 7-inch solid tyres of the WideWheel Pro slightly work against the e-scooter.

For one, solid tyres don’t offer much cushion, so riders can experience slight rattling. However, compared to other e-scooters with solid tyres, the WideWheel Pro offers a more stable and comfortable feel, so there’s less rattling. Aside from this, the wide wheels of the e-scooter somewhat limit the nimbleness of the e-scooter. However, if these slight issues are not a concern for you, then you will enjoy the power, comfort, and overall ride quality of the Mercane WideWheel Pro.



This electric scooter features a 14.4aH Panasonic battery. Unfortunately, this has less capacity than its earlier version, which featured a 15aH battery. However, the current version features Panasonic batteries which have better longevity and reliability. Moreover, charging it is easy and fast since it only takes 4 to 6 hours for a full battery.

Dashboard and Controls

The latest version of the Mercane WideWheel Pro features a smart LCD screen showing the speed, battery level, mileage, voltage, cruise control, gear select and mode select. This is very useful since you see all the information you need at a glance. In addition, Mercane reinforced the wobbly handlebars from the previous version. Overall, it has a functional dashboard with intuitive controls.


The WideWheel Pro’s wheels are the main highlight of the e-scooter due to its wide solid tyres, which is uncommon for most e-scooters. As mentioned previously, the solid tyres have affected the ride quality positively and negatively. Although the tyres give stability and better maintenance since it’s puncture-free, it has less cushioning which results in slight rattling. However, this is a minor issue. If this doesn’t bother you, then the tyres are great and durable.


The Mercane WideWheel Pro features new front and rear 120mm disc brakes. Because of this, it has a stronger braking power. It also has a short stopping distance, making it safe for urgent braking.


In terms of design, the WideWheel Pro is recognisable thanks to its wide wheels. However, aside from this, the other components and the overall design of the e-scooter is very simple. With a minimalist structure and design and a one-colour scheme, it looks rather plain compared to its competitors. However, this also makes it a good everyday e-scooter due to its low-key design.


Overall, the Mercane WideWheel Pro is a durable, and powerful e-scooter great for everyday rides and off-road trips. What makes it great is its flexibility. It can be used for city roads and footpaths, but it can also handle steep inclines and rougher roads. Because of this, it fits most consumers’ needs, making it a reasonable e-scooter to have. For only $1,779, riders will get a reliable electric scooter with advanced features and powerful performance.

If you are looking for a Mercane WideWheel Pro for sale, check out Ride Hub’s online store to get the latest Mercane electric scooters.

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