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An electric scooter is a personal electric mobility device (PEMD) that weighs less than 45 kg (100 lbs), and uses an electric scooter motor. A rider must press the throttle to start which sends a signal to the battery to release power to the motor. The motor then produces energy to move the e-scooter forward.

Electric scooters can also run at a speed of 25 kph in accordance with Australian laws. However, it is best to check government updates to see if electric scooters are legal to be driven in your state. Laws per state varies.


An electric bike by definition is a bicycle equipped with an electric motor that may be activated in order to assist in pedaling. It is heavier than a regular bicycle but is a more convenient means of transportation because you can switch from manpower mode to electric mode.


What is a commuter electric scooter?

Commuter electric scooters for adults are designed to have more power and durability for daily use. It features around 300W of motor power and enough battery capacity to travel an average range of 25 km. Not only will it make your commute to work much better—mostly because no one likes sitting in traffic—but it's also a fun way to shake up your normal routine. It's better for the environment to ride a scooter to work than drive a car.

What is a long-range electric scooter?

Long range refers to how far your electric scooter can travel before needing to stop and recharge. Long-range e-scooters offer over 40 km (25 miles) up to 100 km (62 miles). This is a well-sought after feature because their whole commute is determined by the distance their scooter can travel in one full charge.

What is a heavy duty electric scooter?

Heavy-duty electric scooters are designed to take on different terrains, using a powerful motor. which in return enables the e-scooter to carry heavier loads with ease. Expect to get at least 1000W nominal motor power from this type of e-scooter.

What is an extreme, off-road, all-terrain electric scooter?

Just by its description, extreme, off-road, all-terrain electric scooters are also heavy duty but more powerful. Preferably it is made with a steel alloy frame, a high-tech dual brake system, a powerful motor, a large capacity battery, and a shock or suspension system that can go through challenges. Mighty electric scooters such as these are perfect for power-hungry, adventure-seeking, thrill-catching riders who are up for the ride of their life.

What brands of electric scooters does Ride Hub Australia carry?

Ride Hub Australia carries top-notch, premium brands like Bolzzen, Ducati, Inokim, Kaabo, Mearth, Segway and Xiaomi. 


Ride Hub Australia’s Official Electric Bike

Ride Hub Australia’s official electric bike is feature-rich with 3 built-in riding modes that can be easily switched during riding.


  1. Electric mode - Tum on the power and turn the handlebar. No need to step foot.
  2. Assistant mode - Switch on the power, no need to turn the handlebar to gently drive the foot.
  3. Manpower mode - No power, use like a bicycle, zero battery consumption 


The official e-bike of Ride Hub Australia is every cyclist's dream. It has a powerful motor of 750W, 20-inch off-road tyres, puncture-proof metal compilation layer, inner metal compilation layer, anti-slip rubber layer, front and rear dual disc brake system + E-ABS electronic brakes.

The Ride Hub e-bike has a speed of 25 kg, a range of 75 km when fully charged, 16 cm disc brakes, weighs 25 kg and can carry a max load of 100 kg.



The handlebar is the part that you interact with the most. On this part, you can see the handles, display screen, brake controls, accelerator, and other features and controls of your electric scooter.

A good handlebar consists of handles with a good grip and controls that are designed for ease of use. Your e-scooter handles are an important part of controlling your e-scooter.


The stem is the long tube that connects your handlebar to the front wheel and the rest of the electric scooter parts.

This part can be folded and can become a handle when the e-scooter is carried.To prevent any damage to the folding mechanism and the stem, avoid putting pressure on the handlebars.


Most electric scooters have a built-in LED headlight and a tail light which gives enough illumination to see and stay visible during night rides.

Make sure to always check the LED light of your e-scooter if it gives enough illumination to help you see the road, especially at night.


The battery is the life of your e-scooter, like the gas tank but more eco-friendly since it is made up of many cells that store the energy that your electric scooter needs to ride.
Batteries are usually located under the deck, but in some cases, they can be found within the stem.

Most electric scooters also use Lithium-ion batteries because they have better capacity and stability.


The deck is the platform where you stand on.
Different electric scooters use different materials for the deck.

Most models use rubberised decks for better grip.
E-scooter decks usually measure 14” x 5”, which is wide enough to place your feet.


A speed controller is a component located within the e-scooter that looks like a rectangular metal with many different wires attached to it.

The controller manages the current flow from the battery to the motor.The controller bases how much current flow passes through via the accelerator.


There are two types of tyres:

1) Pneumatic (air-filled) Pneumatic tyres provide better ride quality as they cushion bumps better than solid tyres, however they are vulnerable to punctures.Larger pneumatic tyres can offer better shock absorption than suspensions.

2) Solid (airless) tyres offer less maintenance and promise no punctures at all, but do not cushion bumps on the road, therefore offering poor ride quality.


Usually the motor is placed within one or both of the e-scooter wheels. These are brushless direct current electric motors (BLDC) built within wheel hubs.

Powerful e-scooters, like those used for off-roading, may have dual motors, which means there’s one in each wheel.
E-scooter motors are measured in wattage and rated based on power consumption. The higher the wattage, the more powerful the electric motor.
Commuter e-scooters usually have around 250W to 500W motors, while off-road e-scooters offer 1200W motors and above.


Brakes are an important part of an e-scooter since it is what helps the rider stay safe and stay in control while riding. There are different types of brakes, divided into mechanical brakes and electronic brakes.Mechanical brakes offer stronger braking power and use mechanisms to slow down.Electronic brakes use the motor to stop, and it includes electronic and regenerative brakes that don’t need any maintenance at all.


The suspension helps improve ride quality as it stabilizes the rider’s ride on bumpy roads.
Suspension found on e-scooters include hydraulic, spring, and rubber suspension. Only a few e-scooters offer suspension.

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