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Your Choice, Your Electric Scooter

Your Choice, Your Electric Scooter


In this day and age, electric scooters have definitely grown more popular because this micromobility device can only carry one person at a time making it one of the safer alternatives especially during the pandemic scare. The goal is to still provide transport for people but to shift their mindset to a more eco-friendly option, to use micromobility devices more. It is very much a growing demand and now, very well part of the vehicle system.

The explosion of e-scooters in the current market has led to the production and importation of hundreds of different models by a huge number of different brands. The demand birthed Ride Hub Australia, Home of the Electrified Beasts (E-Rides).

To easily help e-scooter riders who dream to buy the best e-scooter that fits their budget and at the same time their lifestyle, let’s get down to business on the types of e-scooters to choose from at Ride Hub Australia. (Note: Prices are all in Australian Currency)

Choices of Electric Scooters

Commuter Electric Scooters ($579-$1,349 AUD)

With money as the driving power to work, it’s no doubt that the commuter class of electric scooters have the most variety to choose from. In fact, it can even be divided into three price range categories under Ride Hub Australia.

Budget Commuter Electric Scooters ($579-$649 AUD)

Entry level e-scooters are the two e-scooters in Ride Hub Australia that fall into the budget category. Naturally, they are the cheaper e-scooters and are fairly balanced in terms of features, quality, and performance. They will get you where you need to go and still provide functionality, reliability and minimum power needed. It is also the most portable e-scooter, proudly lightweight compared to higher versions. However because it is also a beginner e-scooter, it is encouraged to be used mostly for commuting or for light recreational use.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3

$ 579.00

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S

$ 599.00

Bolzzen Atom Lite

$ 614.00

Mearth S

$ 649.00

Mid-Ranged Commuter Electric Scooters ($650-$988 AUD)

The mid-ranged category at $650-$988 AUD carry two value-priced e-scooters in Ride Hub Australia. They are great for traveling and daily commuting, but on shorter distances. These go-to e-scooters have a reasonable range, making it a choice electric scooter.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2

$ 748.00

E-Glide Swift Electric Scooter

$ 849.00

Mearth S Pro

$ 849.00

Bolzzen Atom Pro

$ 899.00

E-Glide D15O V2 Dual Motor Electric Scooter

$ 949.00

Kaabo SKYWALKER 8 Electric Scooter

$ 949.00

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team Edition

$ 949.00

Xiaomi M365 Pro 2

$ 949.00

Segway Ninebot eKickScooter F40A

$ 949.00

Segway Ninebot Max G30LP Gen 2 Global Edition

$ 988.00

Premium Commuter Electric Scooters ($989-$1,349 AUD)

Premium commuter electric scooters add more and more quality to the ride. These models generally have added or upgraded suspension, larger motors, bigger batteries, and better brakes. These rides have better range, are also more updated (may mean heavier as well) and may also be more comfortable to ride in and more long-lasting with a safer feel to it.

E-Glide Ultra Electric Scooter

$ 1,149.00

Ducati PRO III

$ 1,165.00

Bolzzen Magneto

$ 1,210.00

Kaabo SKYWALKER 8s Electric Scooter

$ 1,249.00

Mearth RS

$ 1,249.00

Mearth RS Pro

$ 1,349.00

Performance Electric Scooters ($1,350-$1,849 AUD)

Adventurers usually fall in this performance category when choosing an e-scooter, it is the safe e-scooter to ride on for both frequent adventures and daily use. The upgrades of this category of powerful e-scooters offer either serious speed, ultra-long range, large tubeless pneumatic tires, semi-hydraulic or hydraulic brakes and powerful lights. Many of these scooters incorporate dual motors and sizable battery packs.

Mercane Wide Wheel Pro Dual 15Ah Electric Scooter

$ 1,469.00

Mercane Wide Wheel Pro Dual 10Ah

$ 1,505.00

Inokim OX Eco Electric Scooter

$ 1,549.00

Inokim Quick4 Electric Scooter - Silver

$ 1,698.00

Inokim OX Balance Electric Scooter

$ 1,738.00

Bolzzen Commando

$ 1,838.00

Mearth GTS

$ 1,849.00

Extreme Performance Electric Scooters ($1,850 to a whopping $6,249 AUD

Extreme e-scooters are for the adventurers, risk-takers and the thrill–seekers. These beast e-scooters are the best in class, the highest in performance in every category except portability because they are larger. These bad boy electric scooters have enormous motors (mostly dual), powerfully extended battery life for extreme range, top-notch suspension and brakes for stopping at fast speeds as it still prioritizes safety.

Of course it is still suitable for daily commuting, however these performance scooters are the heaviest (including tires which are larger and made specially for off-road) compared to other categories which will surely be your pre-work out or maybe even the work out.

Kaabo Mantis 10 Solo

$ 1,949.00

E-Glide Mach 10 Electric Scooter

$ 2,049.00

Bolzzen Gladiator - 52V

$ 2,134.00

Inokim Ox Super Electric Scooter

$ 2,239.00

Kaabo MANTIS 10 DUO Dual Motor Red/Black

$ 2,300.00

Inokim OX Hero Electric Scooter

$ 2,349.00

Mearth GTS Max

$ 2,549.00

Bolzzen Gladiator - 60V

$ 2,599.00


$ 2,640.00


$ 2,749.00

Kaabo Mantis 10 Pro Dual Motor Black

$ 2,949.00

Kaabo WOLF WARRIOR X PLUS Electric Scooter | Gold

$ 3,049.00

Kaabo WOLF KING 11 GT Electric Scooter

$ 6,249.00

To make things even more exciting, this October, Ride Hub Australia is offering $150 off on ANY electric scooter that you are dreaming of. This promo will definitely give way for customers to buy their wish electric scooter!

With such an extensive list, we have made it convenient for you to make a decision on what e-scooter to buy that even fits your budget plus avail the $150 discount!

Order online or head on over to the Ride Hub mall store at the Macquarie Centre (open from today until February 25, 2023, Monday to Sunday from 6am to 9pm) or at the Chatswood branch, both in NSW.

To know more, it is best to stay updated through the social media accounts of Ride Hub.

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