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When an Honorable Mention for Daddy Dearest is Not Enough

When an Honorable Mention for Daddy Dearest is Not Enough


Give dad the honor he deserves! Because truth be told, the hustle and bustle of life can sometimes make us forget about the importance of our father or our father figures. This is why everyday an honorable mention for daddy dearest is appreciated but sometimes it’s not enough. Dad also needs a gift he can see and remember you with.

Right on time, Ride Hub, home of the electrified beasts (micro-mobility devices) has an exciting Father’s Day promo – the best kind, the best deal – that just shouldn’t be missed!

Father’s Day was recently celebrated just last September 4 in Australia, however Ride Hub believes everyday is a special day and it could even be father’s day all over again!

For all those who want to add a gift for their dad to celebrate his special day or let’s be honest, for forgetting it was even father’s day – take advantage of this Father’s Day promo and remind dad that you hold him dearly in your heart.


Ride Hub’s current promo is showcasing one of its leading brands, Mearth, the pioneer in Australian electric scooters. Mearth is a premium, high-quality Australian e-scooter brand that is known for its long-standing, durable yet versatile electric ride.

  • For the first promo, for every purchased Mearth GTS Max, you can get a free Mearth S model for only $2,599 AUD (Recommended Retail Price valued at $3498) that’s $899 in savings! This is the best father’s day gift promotion because it also means an e-scooter not just for dad but for his offspring as well. This Father’s Day, make great bonding moments happen with Mearth’s top of the line, well-loved electric scooters.

For more insight on the Mearth GTS Max, it is known to be a superior, high-performance foldable electric scooter that offers an unbeatable travel experience for its rider. From rough terrains to long-distance travels, the Mearth GTS MAX exceeds expectations and offers unlimited possibilities.

The Mearth GTS MAX dual-motor electric scooter matches the powerful desire for the great outdoors with its amazing off-road capabilities. Designed for power, speed, and all-terrain capability, the GTS MAX is sturdy and has a powerful long-lasting battery. It has strong braking power, making sure your safety is prioritized. The GTS MAX has dependable disc brake systems that indeed passed through the most stringent and highest industry standard. Get the most power and distance riding the premium-built, rock-solid dependability of the Mearth GTS MAX electric scooter.

MEARTH S, on the other hand, is also a high-quality, locally-designed entry-level electric scooter that was conceptualized in 2015 by Mearth. It is perfect for the young blood’s and their thrill for electric scooters. Best of all, it’s easy to learn to ride the MEARTH S, a true trainer to the beginners. The unique specs and features of the MEARTH S make commutes easier, efficient, and eco-friendly. Weighing only 12.5 kg, the MEARTH S is built for the everyday routine to bring anywhere needed, since it has a swappable battery system and is a foldable electric scooter. The easy and quick switchable battery system enables young riders to extend their trips as long as they need. As a portable electric scooter, this is one of the lightest and most compact e-scooter in the Australian market, and the goal is to make city commuting easier and safer even for the youth.

    For this promo, use the code: RHDAD1

    • Another promo Ride Hub also has is for every purchase of either the Mearth RS ($1,149 AUD), Mearth S Pro ($899 AUD) or the Mearth S ($699 AUD), you can get a free Airlite or Nutshell Helmet.

    For this promo, use the code: RH150A.


    Ride Hub also carries other top-notch electric scooter brands like Bolzzen, Ducati, E-Glide, Inokim, Kaabo, Mercane, Segway and Xioami.

    Ride Hub also has a FREE SHIPPING promotion for every Ride Hub electric scooter purchase anywhere in Australia.

    So what are you waiting for? There’s no better way than to surprise the man of the house with a gift that can take him anywhere he needs. The best way to remember our superhero father is to remind him how special he is through Ride Hub’s Father’s Day Special Sale. Make dad feel special by sending him an appreciation gift from Ride Hub.

    At Ride Hub, we know everything there is to know about the premium e-scooters we stock. We have a range of tools and guides to help you work out the perfect e-scooter for you and your lifestyle, even a buying guide for your convenience.


    There’s even more, at RideHub, we have a Price Match Guarantee. Send us a link of the offer you got from the other store by chatting or emailing us at or contact us at +632 488 849 301 for a price match. (Note: electric scooters only, not applicable to accessories and parts.)

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