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Tips to Ride Electric Scooters Safely

Tips to Ride Electric Scooters Safely


Electric scooters are fast, affordable, efficient, and a lot of fun! However, as more electric scooters ride in the city, there are also increasing reports of accidents and injuries while riding them. However, it is rarely the fault of the electric scooter. Unfortunately, most riders don’t know e-scooter laws or don’t follow them at all. As a result, riders get fined for speeding or injured in an accident. Worse of all, there are reports of pedestrians and other vehicles colliding with reckless electric scooter riders.

To prevent this from happening to you and others, you should know proper e-scooter riding safety and etiquette. This quick guide will give tips to ride electric scooters safely.

Always wear proper protective gear

Safety starts even before you ride your electric scooter. Always wear proper protective gear when you go out. This includes a sturdy helmet, knee and elbow pads, and gloves. If the gear may be too much or expensive for you, wear a helmet at the very least. These gears will protect the vital parts of your body in case of a collision or fall.

At night, it’s also best to wear a reflective vest or attach a reflective light to your helmet so that other vehicles and pedestrians can see you. If it’s a hassle to bring these items with you all the time, then attaching a basket to your electric scooter will help you store your items when it’s parked.

Inspect your electric scooter before riding

Make it a habit to inspect your electric scooter before riding. Along with wearing a helmet, this is one of the electric scooter safety tips that you should never forget to do. Checking your electric scooter beforehand ensures that your electric scooter is in top condition and is safe to ride. Although it’s rare for electric scooters to malfunction, there is still a possibility. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Be sure to check the brakes, acceleration, motor, battery charge, tyre pressure, wires, lights, and any open ports or loose screws. If you see an issue, try to fix it if it’s within your means. Otherwise, bring it immediately to your retailer or manufacturer for inspection.

Learn how to ride an electric scooter properly

Unfortunately, some e-scooter owners don’t know how to ride their electric scooters. Although you only need to stand on the e-scooter, you should also be mindful of where your feet are placed and how you stand. Here are some electric scooter riding tips to remember:

  • Stand up straight.
  • Place both of your hands on the handlebars. Never use one hand when riding.
  • Place one leg in front and one leg behind for better balance.
  • Slow down when going over a hump, and bend your legs slightly to reduce the impact from the hump.
  • Lean forward when speeding up or going uphill, and lean back when slowing down or going downhill.

Make these a habit to keep yourself safe while riding.

Be mindful of your surroundings

Whenever you ride outside, always keep your eyes on the road. Although it can be fun to look around, especially if you’re riding along a scenic location, focus on where you are going and be mindful of pedestrians and other vehicles near you. Whether you are riding on the bike lane or other paths for e-scooters, be mindful of other riders and always give way to pedestrians.

Moreover, some riders might feel too excited about the high speeds, but remember to stay calm and ride at a good pace. As much as possible don’t go near the speed limit, so that you have enough time to stop or react if you are about to bump into someone or something. Whenever you’re riding, always be alert!

Follow your city’s e-scooter laws

Electric scooters in Australia are still prohibited in public in most cities, so don’t ride them outside if your city bans them. However, if your city allows electric scooters in public, then you should learn your city’s electric scooter laws. The average speed limit for e-scooters in Australia is 25 km/h, but in some cities, it is lower.

Some cities also have designated areas and lanes for electric scooters, so you need to know where those are. Protective gears like a helmet are also required by the law. Keep in mind that riding outside of designated places, overspeeding, and riding without protective gear can result not only in a fine but also in accidents.

Don’t ride in bad weather

Finally, don’t even dare to ride your electric scooter if it’s raining. Even if an electric scooter is waterproof or slip-proof, it does not guarantee your safety. Since there is nothing to protect your body during bad weather, you are more prone to accidents due to poor visibility, slippery roads, and even flying debris or items.

If you get stuck in the rain, it’s best to seek shelter and wait for the rain to stop before riding your e-scooter again. If you really must leave during bad weather, take public transportation or a taxi instead. Electric scooters are light and foldable, so you can store them inside a taxi’s trunk or bring it on a bus.

Ride safely and enjoy

Hopefully, this electric scooter guide helped you learn how to ride an electric scooter safely. Keep these tips in mind every time you ride outside. Ultimately, be mindful of others. Keep yourself safe while keeping others safe as well. In this way, you can fully enjoy the ride!

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