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Show Up and Pay Tribute on Anzac Day



ANZAC Day is one of the most significant days in Australia's history, and it is essential that Australians observe and remember this day. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, and the day commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders who have served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations. This day is remembered every April 25 and has been declared for decades as a public holiday in both countries. If the 25th falls over the weekend, then the public holiday is automatically moved to the Monday directly after. It’s as important as it should be and there should be no reason to miss out on the events that pay tribute to those who have served their country with great bravery and honor.

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How to Get There?

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Remembering Anzac

Anzac Day marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during World War I that took place on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey (now Gelibolu) on April 25, 1915. This was said to be one of the worst places to serve during the war according to veterans.

Today, ANZAC Day is a day to honor the sacrifices made by Australian soldiers in every conflict since that time. It is a day to remember the courage, selflessness, and determination of those who have fought for Australia's freedom and to acknowledge the impact that their service has had on our lives.

What Can I Do?

There are several events that Australians can attend on ANZAC Day to pay their respects to the fallen. These events include dawn services, marches, and commemorative services. Dawn services are held at various locations across Australia, and they usually start at 5:30 in the morning. Marches are also a significant part of ANZAC Day, and they take place in most cities and towns across Australia. Commemorative services are held in various locations, including war memorials, parks, and churches. Many people also congregate at RSL clubs – Returned and Services League, Australia (RSL). Additionally, poppies which are a flower symbol of remembrance are handed out by members of the Returned Services Association. Some wear them as a symbol for those who have served and died in the military.

Some individuals honor ANZAC soldiers by reflecting on the memories they left behind. One example of such remembrance is by participating in the traditional Australian gambling game Two Up, which was played by ANZAC soldiers and is only legally permitted to be played in most states on Anzac Day.

Additionally, in Australian Football (AFL), there is a medal named the ANZAC Medal, which is awarded to the player who best embodies the ANZAC spirit of skill, courage, self-sacrifice, teamwork, and fair play. Similarly, in Rugby League Football, the ANZAC Test is held usually one week before Anzac Day to commemorate the ANZAC troops.

ANZAC biscuits on the other hand, are still eaten to this day as a reminder of Anzac Day. It came to be because of the wives and mothers of the ANZAC soldiers who wanted to send a treat to their loved Anzac soldier. Stories have been told that the original Anzac biscuits were as hard as a rock, so hard in fact that some soldiers would grind them up and use them as porridge. The reason behind this was because only certain specific ingredients could be used to keep the biscuits stay fresh, since it took weeks to reach the soldiers overseas. Today, the recipe has been altered but for good, more edible reasons. This is still one great way to remember ANZAC Day.

In conclusion

ANZAC Day is an essential day for all Australians, and it is crucial that we observe and remember this day. Attending ANZAC Day events is a great way to honor those who have served and to show our gratitude for their sacrifices. However, attending these events can be challenging due to traffic congestion and large crowds. Ride Hub Australia, Home of Electrified Beasts provides the perfect solution with their range of eco-friendly electric rides.

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