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Segway E22 Review

Segway E22 Review


Top Speed

20 kph

Max Range

22 km


13.5 kg

Max Load

100 kg



Charging Time

3.5 hours

Max Slope



9-inch dual-density rubber tyres

IP Rating


Pros & Cons


  • No-nonsense design
  • Very portable
  • Puncture-free solid tyres
  • Simple controls perfect for beginners
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Better ride quality compared to predecessors
  • Can be upgraded with an external battery


  • Only up to 20 km/h of speed
  • Short max range without thee external battery
  • Solid tyres do not completely remove the rattling
  • Small display screen

The Segway E22 is a slim foldable electric scooter that sports Segway’s classic design from its E-series. It’s not only an addition to the E-series but also an upgrade to the Ninebot ES2. Overall, it’s a solid electric scooter that contains all the basics that beginner riders need. These include a light weight, decent speed and range, regenerative and foot brakes, puncture-free solid tyres, a simple display screen, and an easy-folding mechanism.

It has all the features that you would need as a first and last-mile solution. It’s also a no-nonsense electric scooter, so it’s perfect for those who need on-the-go transportation. If you’re considering getting this electric scooter, this quick Segway E22 review will give you an idea of what to expect of this entry-level e-scooter.



Unlike other commuter electric scooters, the Segway E22 limits riders with only a maximum speed of 20 kph. For those who prefer a higher speed, then this is not the e-scooter for you. However, although it has a lower speed than the rest, it’s still a quick e-scooter that can bring you where you need to go. It also has three speed modes: speed limit mode, standard mode, and sport mode.


Given that average electric scooters have an ideal max range of 25 km, the Segway E22 falls slightly behind with just 22 km. In real-life conditions, you get far less than that. Some electric scooter reviews noted that they were able to ride 16 km with the E22. If the range is too short for you, then it might be better to use the E22 as a first and last-mile solution. However, the E22 also offers an external battery pack, so you can extend your range up to 43 km.


The Segway E22 is a portable electric scooter since it only has a 13.5 kg weight and a foldable stem. However, if there’s anything else that could be improved to provide more portability, it would be the handlebars. If the handlebars could be folded, it would be more compact and easier to bring in tight areas like inside a bus or subway. Nonetheless, it’s still pretty portable and easy to carry. So, riders will have no problem bringing them anywhere.

Ride Quality

As mentioned, the ride quality of the Segway E22 has improved compared to its predecessor, the ES2. The deeper traction makes it less slippery on wet surfaces and offers more grip on flat and rough paths. It also handles bumps better, even without suspension. However, it is still a solid tyre, so you get the best ride quality on flat surfaces.



The Segway E22 has a 36 V 184Wh battery that’s located inside the stem. An external battery can also be attached to the stem to increase the range of the E22. The Segway E22 external battery costs $249.99 on Segway’s online shop.

Dashboard and Controls

There’s not much to look at on the Segway E22’s cockpit. It has a small display screen at the centre that shows your current speed, battery level, and Bluetooth connectivity. Since it’s Bluetooth-enabled, you can connect the e-scooter to the Segway app and adjust its cruise control.

Aside from this, there are also two throttles, one button and one LED headlamp. And that’s it! Just like its design, it’s pretty basic and is only meant for riding. However, that’s what makes it perfect for beginners. It’s simple and easy to use.


Unlike most electric scooters, the Segway E22 uses 9-inch solid tyres. In general, solid tyres have a reputation for less than desirable ride quality. However, segway has improved the ES2’s tyres, resulting in better grip and stability in the E22. Thanks to its larger tyres and deeper traction, ride quality is much better than the E22’s predecessors. However, compared to pneumatic tyres, there’s still definitely room for improvement.

However, one great thing about solid tyres is that you don’t need to worry about punctured tyres. So, that’s one less thing to worry about for riders.


The Segway E22 uses an electric regenerative brake and a foot brake. The regenerative brake is controlled by a throttle, while the foot brake is the e-scooter’s rear fender. Overall, it has strong braking power. It’s not as strong as other electric scooters in the market, but for the top speed of the E22, it works quite well. It’s just enough power for this e-scooter’s speed.


Overall, the Segway E22 has a slim, compact, and classic design, which results in a minimalistic but aesthetic appeal. The design is also functional as the stem can be folded easily and attached to the rear fender for better handling. It’s a very simple design with little details, but that’s what makes the Segway E22 appealing for daily commuters. After all, some people don’t need a flash e-scooter for everyday commutes.


Overall, the Segway E22 is a decent electric scooter. It has the basics pat down with a few extra features such as Bluetooth connectivity and an upgradeable external battery. As mentioned, this is the perfect entry-level e-scooter for anyone who is looking for a simple but functional ride. The bottom line is that it delivers what it needs to do, and for some people, that is enough. Just be wary of its range. If you need a longer range for everyday commutes, it’s best to upgrade the E22 with an external battery.

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