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Ride Hub Australia: Proud Carrier of the Amazing Mearth Electric Scooters

Ride Hub Australia: Proud Carrier of the Amazing Mearth Electric Scooters


In a recent episode of Shark Tank Australia, Ming Ye, the visionary founder behind Mearth Electric Scooters, left an indelible mark with his incredible determination and innovation in the transportation industry. At Ride Hub Australia, we are immensely proud to carry Mearth electric scooters, and Ming's journey from a university student to an entrepreneur with a passion for transforming transportation is truly remarkable.

The Shark Tank Moment

When Ming entered the Shark Tank, his enthusiasm and excitement were palpable. As a company that has always admired the potential of Mearth's electric scooters, we could relate to Ming's awe at being on the show. His unwavering passion for his product was evident as he discussed the vast potential of electric scooters in the growing market.

Ming's Pitch

Ming's pitch was a testament to his belief in Mearth electric scooters, which have earned the reputation of being pioneers in the Australian electric scooter industry and have now expanded to New Zealand through Mearth New Zealand.

Ming's vision is clear – he believes that the future of transportation lies in electric scooters. He emphasized the numerous benefits of Mearth electric scooters, such as easing congestion during peak hours, eliminating tolls and parking fees, and significantly reducing carbon emissions. Additionally, he highlighted the sheer fun that comes with riding a Mearth electric scooter.

Seeking a $250,000 investment in exchange for 1.8 percent of his company, Ming presented his case with infectious energy and enthusiasm. His invitation to the sharks to join him on this exciting journey to the future was not just an offer; it was an invitation to be part of a revolution.

The Test Ride

One of the most exciting moments of the pitch was when Ming invited the sharks to test ride Mearth electric scooters. The atmosphere in the room was electrifying as they eagerly donned Mearth-approved helmets and prepared for the ride. It was clear that Ming had piqued their interest with his innovative product.

The Unique Selling Points

After the test ride, the sharks were keen to understand the unique selling points of Mearth electric scooters. Ming explained how Mearth was the first to adopt the 21700 battery cells in Australia, resulting in lighter, more powerful, and faster-charging scooters. He also emphasized the removable battery design, a feature not found in other electric scooters in the same price range.

The Valuation Challenge

Despite the enthusiasm, the sharks were faced with the challenge of the company's valuation, set at $12.5 million. They meticulously examined past sales figures, scalability, and the long-term sustainability of the business, pondering if this was the right investment opportunity.

The Superhero Licensing Deal

In a brilliant move, Ming unveiled a superhero licensing deal, hinting at the creation of superhero-themed scooters. While the specific details were not revealed, the mere mention of the possibility, including the much-anticipated Bat Scooter in collaboration with DC Comics, intrigued the sharks. This revelation left them contemplating if this was indeed the business opportunity they had been waiting for.

The Outcome

In the end, despite Ming's compelling pitch and the excitement generated by the superhero licensing deal, the sharks opted not to invest due to the high valuation and other uncertainties. Yet, Ming's appearance on Shark Tank Australia highlighted his extraordinary tenacity and innovation in the transportation industry.

At Ride Hub Australia, we remain steadfast in our commitment to carrying Mearth electric scooters because we believe in the company's vision and the remarkable journey of Ming Ye. While this episode of Shark Tank may not have marked the beginning of a partnership with the sharks, we are certain that Ming's astounding tenacity will continue to shape the future of transportation and that Mearth electric scooters will continue to thrive in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

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