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Ride Hub Australia Launches the Spring Savings Sale

Ride Hub Australia Launches the Spring Savings Sale

Posted By Jane Aguila on

Climate change, deteriorating air quality, and the urgent call for sustainable solutions are not just buzzwords anymore; they've become the reality of the 21st century. Countries around the globe are realizing the importance of switching to greener alternatives, and Australia is no exception. However, there's a long road ahead. The Land Down Under needs to step up its game in its commitment to the environment.

Now, imagine a world where the morning commute doesn't add to the suffocating smog, where the only sounds on the road are soft hums instead of roaring engines. It might sound futuristic, but this vision is attainable, and Ride Hub Australia is at the forefront of this transformation. Touted as the "Home of Electrified Beasts", Ride Hub is the beacon for all e-ride enthusiasts.

Why Go Green with E-Rides?

E-Rides, especially electric scooters, are the epitome of merging functionality with sustainability. They are not just vehicles; they represent a conscious choice, a decision to prioritize the planet. 

Here's why they're the perfect green alternative:

  • Almost-Zero Emissions: Unlike petrol-run vehicles, e-scooters almost emit zero emissions which is good news for our planet.

  • Efficiency: Electric scooters are remarkably energy-efficient, ensuring you get the most out of every charge.

  • Silent Operator: E-scooters are notably quieter, contributing to reducing noise pollution in urban areas.

With the urgent need to switch to greener transport, there's no better time to invest in an e-scooter than with the upcoming Spring Savings Sale from October 16 to 30, 2023. That is surely the cherry on top. But this sale is not just about availing discounts; it's an invitation to be part of a larger, more important narrative - one where each of us can make a difference.

Spring Savings Sale: The Perfect Time to Buy and Save the Planet

The sale offers a range of the best electric scooters from Mearth Australia, ensuring there's something for everyone:

MS Series:

Product Description

Original Price

Promo Price




MS + Extra Battery



MS + Airlite



MS + Extra Battery + Airlite + Hardshell Bag + Lock



RS Series:

Product Description

Original Price

Promo Price




RS + Extra Battery



RS + Airlite



RS + Extra Battery + Airlite + Hardshell Bag + Lock



RS Pro Series:

Product Description

Original Price

Promo Price




RS PRO + Airlite + Hardshell Bag + Lock



RS PRO + Airlite



Cyber Series:

Product Description

Original Price

Promo Price




CYBER + Airlite + Hardshell Bag + Lock



CYBER + Airlite



Apart from getting an excellent deal, every purchase during the Spring Savings Sale is a pledge towards a greener future. Each e-scooter on the road signifies one less gas-guzzling vehicle emitting carbon.

Australia has a chance to redefine urban commuting. Every individual's choice to switch to a safe e-scooter or any electric ride is a step in the right direction. Ride Hub Australia provides not just an electric scooter for sale but an opportunity to be part of a larger movement. With the upcoming sale, there's no reason to wait. It's time to ride into a sustainable future, with the wind in your hair and the knowledge that you're doing right by the planet.

Want to avail of the Spring Savings Sale, come on over!

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