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Ride Hub Australia Finally Introduces the Most Shocking, Groundbreaking Mearth City E-Scooter

Ride Hub Australia Finally Introduces the Most Shocking, Groundbreaking Mearth City E-Scooter


With immense excitement, Ride Hub Australia, the Home of the Electrified Beasts is thrilled to announce the arrival of the Mearth City Electric Scooter!

The Mearth City is a proud addition to the prestigious Mearth Australia brand - the Pioneer in Australian electric scooters which Ride Hub Australia also carries among other top-notch e-scooter brands.

Groundbreaking Hydraulic Dual Shock Suspension

The Mearth City boasts distinction as a city e-scooter in a league of its own. And here's the buzz: it comes equipped with the first-ever hydraulic dual shock suspension, revolutionizing the way you'll experience urban travel – truly a symphony of urban mobility so say goodbye to bumpiness and discomfort on city roads. The Mearth City E-Scooter, with its groundbreaking hydraulic dual shock suspension, guarantees a ride that's as smooth as it is exhilarating. Bid farewell to jolts and bumps, and hello to a new era of effortless gliding through the cityscape.

Sleek, Agile, and Swift

The Mearth City E-Scooter is not just about its revolutionary suspension; it's a masterpiece of design and performance. With a 450W Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor, this best urban companion ensures a seamless and powerful ride that effortlessly handles city inclines with a max climb of 20°. Zoom through bustling streets at a max speed of 25 km/h and max range of 50 km, embracing the pulse of city life without compromising on safety.

Long-Lasting Adventure

Most of all, this Mearth City is powered by an advanced Li-ion 13Ah 36V Battery that offers long-lasting rides that are charged to perfection in just 6-7 hours. Say goodbye to range anxiety and hello to boundless urban exploration. What's more, the Mearth City E-Scooter proudly carries hot-swappable batteries, ensuring that your journey is never cut short.

Empowering Portability

Designed for the urban lifestyle, the Mearth City E-Scooter is a master of adaptation and can carry a max weight of 100 kg. Weighing a mere 19 kg and featuring a convenient 3-second folding mechanism, it seamlessly fits into your daily routine of everything worklife, love and laughter. Effortlessly unfold it to experience the grandeur of the city, then fold it up to glide through life's endeavors with ease. The unfolded size is 1130x460x1260 mm while the folded size is 1130x460x550 mm.

Innovation Meets Style

The Mearth City E-Scooter is a statement of style as much as it is a symbol of innovation. Its tubular aluminum frame, finished in sleek matte black with slight red accents and strong powerful 10” with 2.7 ultra-wide powerful tyres ensures you arrive at any destination with a touch of elegance and safety. The HD display screen provides real-time information on power, speed, distance, and more, putting modern convenience at your fingertips.

The Mearth City E-Scooter doesn't just talk the talk; it walks the walk with impressive specifications that are sure to wow. Not to mention its water-resistant level of IPX4. Now, don’t submerge it, we all know technology does not mix with water well. However, rest assured the Mearth City can handle slight drizzles of rain and splashes of water. Don’t overdo it though!

Rediscover Urban Freedom

The Mearth City E-Scooter is more than a ride; it's an embodiment of urban energy, designed to unleash your potential within the city's vibrant embrace. It's a passport to smooth, efficient, and exhilarating travel, allowing you to explore the urban landscape like never before. See the world, or Australia for the first time with fresh new eyes through the Mearth City, Your Urban E-Scooter.

Safety First

We remind you that while the Mearth City E-Scooter promises an electrifying experience, it's crucial to prioritize safety. Always wear the approved helmets (also available at Ride Hub Australia) and safety gear for maximum protection while enjoying your journey.

Pricing and Availability

The Mearth City E-Scooter, your key to embracing the freedom of the urban landscape, is available at only $1,149. This is the most affordable city e-scooter you can ever get your hands on in the Mearth family. With a two-year warranty on the frame and a one-year warranty on the battery, motor, and controller, you're assured of a journey that's not just smooth but also backed by reliability.

Step into the realm of urban electrification with the Mearth City E-Scooter - your gateway to city adventures that are as smooth as they are electrifying!

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