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October Brings in an Exciting Spring Savings Sale in Australia

October Brings in an Exciting Spring Savings Sale in Australia


October – the month of Halloween, blooming spring in Australia, and the beginning of the year's final quarter. It's a time of change, reflection, and anticipation for the festivities to come. But for e-ride enthusiasts and environmental aficionados, October 2023 brings another exciting event to look forward to - the Spring Savings Sale.

Ride Hub Australia, renowned as the Home of Electrified Beasts, has seized this opportune moment. Drawing inspiration from the number ten, they've paired the tenth month with a tantalizing 10% off on their premium range of electric scooters from Mearth Australia. As the best provider for electric rides in the region, Ride Hub is not just offering a discount; they're presenting a golden opportunity to be part of the green revolution at a more affordable price.

Why Ten is the Magic Number This October

There's something special about the number ten. It's a number of completion, signifying perfection and order. Ten years is a decade, a significant chunk of time, and in many cultures, turning ten is seen as a rite of passage. This October, Ride Hub Australia celebrates this iconic number with a sale that's bound to accelerate the nation's shift towards eco-friendly commuting.

For those who've been scouring the market for the best electric scooter for sale, this is your moment. Whether you're hunting for a fast electric scooter to speed up your daily commutes or searching for a safe e-scooter for leisurely weekend rides, Ride Hub has got you covered.

Steal the Deal with Spring Savings Sale 10% Off

Here's a closer look at the exciting deals awaiting you from Mearth Australia:

MS Series:

Product Description

Original Price

Promo Price




MS + Extra Battery



MS + Airlite



MS + Extra Battery + Airlite + Hardshell Bag + Lock



RS Series:

Product Description

Original Price

Promo Price




RS + Extra Battery



RS + Airlite



RS + Extra Battery + Airlite + Hardshell Bag + Lock



RS Pro Series:

Product Description

Original Price

Promo Price




RS PRO + Airlite + Hardshell Bag + Lock



RS PRO + Airlite



Cyber Series:

Product Description

Original Price

Promo Price




CYBER + Airlite + Hardshell Bag + Lock



CYBER + Airlite



Scoot into a Greener Tomorrow

Australia is at an environmental crossroad. As the world stresses the importance of sustainable choices, making a shift towards greener transport options is not just a personal choice; it's a national imperative. And when the switch comes with such enticing discounts, there's no reason to delay.

Ride Hub's electric scooter line-up is the perfect blend of style, speed, and sustainability. They stand as symbols of a future where the roads are less congested, the air is cleaner, and transport is silent. With the Spring Savings Sale slashing prices, the dream of owning one becomes even more attainable.

This October, celebrate the power of ten with Ride Hub Australia. Revel in the beauty of spring, embrace the festivities, but also make a choice – a choice to tread lightly on our planet. With unmatched deals on the best electric scooters in the market, it's time to turn eco-friendly commuting from a dream into reality. Dive into the Spring Savings Sale, grab your electrified beast, and be the change you wish to see on Australian

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