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Inokim OX Eco Review

Inokim OX Eco Review


Inokim OX Eco Specs

Top Speed

35 km/h (25 km/h preset)

Max Range

58 km


25 kg

Max Load

120 kg

Peak Motor Power



DMEGC Lithium-ion, 48 Volts, 13 Ampere/Hour

Charging Time

7 hours


10-inch pneumatic tyres

Pros & Cons


  • 58-km max range
  • 1100W peak motor power
  • Comfortable ride quality
  • Easy to balance and maneuver
  • Eye-catching design
  • Drum and disc brakes for safety


  • No IP rating, making it prone to moisture
  • Not as portable as other powerful commuter e-scooters

The Inokim OX Eco electric scooter is one of the two variants of the Inokim OX lineup. It’s often referred to as the younger sibling of the OX Super due to its similar build and features except for more toned down specs. This makes the OX Eco more beginner-friendly without reducing its off-road capabilities. Overall, the Inokim OX Eco is a perfect choice for those looking for a highly powerful and capable entry-level electric scooter.

Learn more about this monster entry-level e-scooter in this Inokim OX Eco review.



The Inokim OX Eco is preset to 25 kph, but it can be adjusted to a top speed of 35 kph. Compared to the OX Super with a top speed of 45 kph, the OX Eco caters to an audience who prefers to ride at slower speeds. Keep in mind that riders should always follow the speed limit when riding in public. Only use the 35-kph top speed when riding on private property.


Riders can get an ideal max range of 58 km with the OX Eco. This is half of the ideal range of the OX Super that has a max range of 100 km. In real riding conditions, expect to get less range on the OX Eco, depending on your speed, riding style, and terrain. Nonetheless, the OX Eco is a decent long-range electric scooter for daily short trips or occasional long trips.


The OX Eco has a dimension of 122 cm x 59 cm x 130 cm when unfolded and a dimension of 122 cm x 59 cm x 54 cm when folded. It has the exact dimensions as the OX Super but is more portable due to its weight. The OX Eco weighs 25 kg, while the OX Super weighs three kilograms more.

However, the OX Eco is slightly heavier compared to other powerful commuter e-scooters in the market. Those who need to bring the OX Eco indoors may have a slight difficulty in carrying them. However, its size makes it compact enough to be stored in small spaces. Overall, it’s more portable than the OX Super, but less portable compared to other commuter e-scooters in the market.

Ride Quality

Thanks to the OX Eco’s 800W brushless motor, riding different terrains becomes a breeze. Its build and power make it easy to climb hills and power through any terrain. Meanwhile, it uses single-sided, adjustable rear and front suspensions for better ride quality.

Although some regard this as a powerful entry-level e-scooter, it’s still an off-road e-scooter due to its off-roading capabilities. It’s a large e-scooter that’s meant for long and difficult rides. Moreover, as with other Inokim e-scooters, it has a low centre of gravity, making it easier to balance and maneuver.



The Inokim OX Eco uses a 48V 13Ah DMEGC Lithium-ion battery. As for the battery, it has enough capacity to reach a 35-40 km range in real-world conditions. However, the e-scooter doesn’t have an IP rating, so it can’t be used in wet or rainy conditions. Riding in wet conditions may damage the Lithium-ion battery.

Dashboard and Controls

The cockpit sports a very simple design. It features a small LCD screen, a thumb throttle, and a brake lever on each side. You won’t see much on its dashboard since the e-scooter is designed for performance. Nonetheless, it offers a practical dashboard and controls.


The e-scooter features 10-inch pneumatic tyres available in two variants: street and off-road. As with other e-scooters with large tyres, the Inokim OX Eco’s tyres provide cushioning in rough roads, making the ride quality more comfortable.


The Inokim OX Eco couples its powerful motor and high speeds with a strong and reliable braking system. It features front drum brakes and rear disc brakes for safe braking when riding at high speeds and different terrains.


The Inokim OX Eco is relatively larger and thicker than most commuter electric scooters in the market. Moreover, the distinctive off-road yet minimalist design coupled with the orange and black colour scheme make it a stylish and eye-catching e-scooter to ride.

Aside from this, it’s also designed for heavy-duty use as it can carry riders or load up to 120 kg. Its aviation aluminium-alloy material makes it durable against heavy weights and tough roads. For the lights, it uses twin LED lights for the front, and rear LED brake lights.

Overall, the Inokim OX Eco offers a distinct e-scooter design that’s built for durability and safety.


The Inokim OX Eco is a perfect e-scooter for beginner riders looking for a powerful e-scooter with off-road capabilities that’s easy to maneuver. It’s also a great e-scooter to get for those who need an upgrade to an off-road e-scooter that’s not too powerful like the Inokim OXO.

However, riders should take note of its downsides, such as the lack of an IP rating and portability. It may be built for extreme conditions, but rainy and wet conditions should be avoided for you and your e-scooter’s safety. Nonetheless, if you don’t mind these slight cons, the OX Eco will be worth it.

Hopefully, this Inokim OX Eco review helped you learn more about this e-scooter. For more e-scooters like the Inokim OX Eco, check out Ride Hub’s online shop. For more e-scooter reviews, tips, and guides, read more at our blog page.

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