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E-Ride Your Way Without Breaking a Sweat

E-Ride Your Way Without Breaking a Sweat


As the month of June dawns upon Australia, with its crisp winter air starting to surround the country and its scenic landscapes, Ride Hub Australia re-introduces its latest marvel—the Ride Hub E-Bike.

The Ride Hub E-Bike

Packed with cutting-edge features and an unbeatable performance, this electric bike is set to revolutionize your riding experience, whether you choose to pedal or embrace the electric way.

Imagine reaching your destination without breaking a sweat or encountering any delays. With the Ride Hub Electric Bike, it's no longer a dream but a thrilling reality. Powered by a mighty 750W motor, this all-terrain off-road electric bike effortlessly conquers any path you choose. Its 20" large off-road tyres provide unrivaled stability, ensuring a smooth and exhilarating ride no matter the terrain.

Designed to capture every cyclist's imagination, the Ride Hub Electric Bike boasts a sleek and geometric line body, featuring a bionic design inspired by the graceful movements of a dolphin. Crafted from a solid aluminum alloy frame, it guarantees durability and resilience against wear and pressure, while exuding a sense of timeless elegance.

One of the standout features of this electric bike is its removable and replaceable lithium battery. Utilizing automotive power lithium-ion cells, the battery is not only waterproof and anti-theft but also boasts a long-lasting performance, ensuring a reliable power supply throughout your journey. With a range of 75 km and a maximum load capacity of 100 kg, the Ride Hub Electric Bike provides ample power and endurance to accompany you on all your adventures. It’s not only a powerful mode of transportation but also a true companion for long journeys.

Let’s Talk about Safety

Safety is a top priority, and the the Ride Hub E-Bike excels in this aspect as well. Equipped with a 6-battery intelligent protection management system, it safeguards against short circuits, overcharging, and temperature abnormalities. Additionally, the bike features a highly sensitive power-off system and a dual-disc brake system, ensuring quick and stable braking for a safe and secure ride.

Unleash your inner speed demon with the Ride Hub Electric Bike's SHIMANO 7-Speed transmission system. Whether you choose to ride in electric, assistant, or manpower mode, this innovative feature allows you to navigate with ease and break free from the limitations of traditional bicycles.

Safety is paramount, and the Ride Hub Electric Bike incorporates advanced features to ensure your well-being on every ride. The dual-disc brake system, coupled with an E-ABS electronic brake, offers sensitive and reliable braking performance. Whether you're navigating crowded streets or descending a steep slope, you can trust in the bike's ability to bring you to a controlled stop, providing peace of mind and a secure riding experience.

Remarkable Versatility

Embracing versatility, the Ride Hub Electric Bike includes a super bright front headlight, illuminating your path even on the darkest nights. Its closed-type design, supported by an IPX4 waterproof grade, ensures that you can confidently ride through water and rough terrains without a worry. Plus, with the large screen smart display, you can easily monitor your speed, power, gear, and total mileage in real-time, keeping you informed and in control.

No matter the road conditions, the Ride Hub Electric Bike guarantees a smooth and comfortable ride, thanks to its front double-tube shock spring system and aluminum shoulder lockable fork shock. These features absorb any impact and deliver a responsive and enjoyable riding experience.

Space-Saver, Dream-Maker

When convenience matters, the Ride Hub Electric Bike truly shines. With its quick-fold mechanism, the bike can be easily folded within seconds, making it ideal for storage and transportation. Its compact folding size allows it to occupy minimal space, ensuring hassle-free mobility.

The Ride Hub Electric Bike not only offers exceptional performance but also embodies a sleek and stylish design. Available in two stylish colors—Deep Iron Black and Titanium Gray—the Ride Hub Electric Bike not only offers exceptional performance but also exudes sophistication and style. Its geometric lines and bionic-inspired shape reflect a fusion of modernity and elegance. Crafted from a solid aluminum alloy frame, the e-bike is not only visually appealing but also built to withstand the rigors of daily use. Its wear-resistant and anti-pressure construction ensures long-lasting durability, while the finely crafted details add a touch of sophistication. It’s a dream made true!

Priced at $1,999 (AUD), the Ride Hub Electric Bike represents a true investment in quality, durability, and adventure. Ride Hub Australia invites you to embrace the exhilarating possibilities that await you on this all-new and all-powerful electric bike.

Gear up, hop on, and let the Ride Hub Electric Bike take you on an unforgettable journey through Australia's picturesque landscapes and vibrant cities. Experience the joy of seamless travel, where the power of the Ride Hub Electric Bike propels you forward, allowing you to savor every moment without the worry of exhaustion or delays.

As June in Australia brings cooler temperatures and the onset of winter, riding an e-bike becomes even more enticing. The Ride Hub Electric Bike becomes your trusty companion, offering a delightful way to explore the beauty of the season. Whether you're cruising along the coastline, traversing mountain trails, or simply commuting through the city, this electric bike is designed to conquer all types of terrain with ease.


Ride Hub Australia, deeply understands the importance of sustainable practices. By embracing electric bikes like the Ride Hub Electric Bike, they promote eco-friendly transportation options that reduce carbon emissions and minimize environmental impact. As you glide through the picturesque landscapes of Australia, whether you choose to ride in electric mode, relying solely on the power of the motor, or prefer to switch to assistant mode and enjoy a collaborative effort between you and the bike, you can revel in the knowledge that your mode of transport aligns with the goal of preserving the natural beauty that surrounds you.

The the Ride Hub E-Bike goes beyond mere transportation—it becomes a gateway to new experiences, enabling you to embrace the beauty of Australia's landscapes, the charm of its cities, and the joy of effortless travel. So, seize the opportunity to embark on extraordinary adventures, unhampered by limitations and delays. Let the Ride Hub Electric Bike be your ultimate companion as you navigate the stunning vistas of Australia in June and beyond. Experience the freedom, convenience, and thrill of riding an electrified beast that will elevate your journey to new heights.

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