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And the Electric Scooter Winner Is...

And the Electric Scooter Winner Is...


Congratulations to MAE LA VALLE

(@mheiii) from Australian Capital Territory (ACT)!

From this day on, your life will change as you just won—-drumroll please—-the well-loved, entry level, slim and slick, 2023 Mearth S electric scooter from your friendly neighborhood, Ride Hub Australia, the Home of Electrified Beasts (E-Rides)!

Thank you for spending Australia Day with us in our Ride Hub Australia x Mearth Giveaway Challenge!

Just last January 26, 2023, Australia celebrated its birthday with triumph. Surely this looked-forward-to special holiday had Aussies’ celebrating with a bang of loud music and firecrackers, a lightshow of fireworks at official permitted areas, a traditional barbie (Aussie slang for barbecue), and a fun-filled gathering with friends, family and loved ones. And Ride Hub Australia for a second would not dream of missing out on the fun so this proudly-Australian brand joined in with a Giveaway Challenge in partnership with Mearth Electric Scooters Australia, the Pioneer in Australian Electric Scooters, to ignite more excitement on this day. True enough, it mustered up customer curiosity and participation, just in time for the holiday season.

Ride Hub Australia proudly partners with Mearth since it is a socially responsible company that aims to uplift the lives and lifestyles of commuters by providing an alternative mode of transport that is environment-friendly and promotes sustainability.

Australia Day Giveaway Contest

The Giveaway Challenge was open to all in Australia and the last date of entry was on January 25, 2023. The winner, Mae La Valle, correctly followed the 3-easy steps to get an entry, as followed below:

  1. Follow Ride Hub’s official Instagram and Facebook page @ridehub.australia
  2. Tag 3 Instagram and Facebook friends under this post
  3. Share this post on your Instagram Story and Facebook My Day (make sure your account is set on ‘public’ so we can verify that you followed the steps) and tag us!

While we already have a winner for the Ride Hub Australia Day Giveaway Challenge, don’t you worry because there are intended collaborative engagements that can be anticipated this 2023 that will yield more opportunities for both big brands of Ride Hub Australia and Mearth Electric Scooters Australia.

Mearth is one of the well-loved and esteemed brands in Ride Hub Australia. Among others are Bird, Bolzzen, Ducati, Inokim, Kaabo, Mearth, Mercane, NanRobot, Segway and Xiaomi.

I Want An Electric Scooter

I’m sure we all love a good discount or an awesome promo, but if you’re considering an electric scooter right this instant – Ride Hub Australia has it all for you.

The models of each electric scooter brand Ride Hub carries are extensive, so give our official website a good look and choose from our state-of-the-art e-scooters. We have entry-level e-scooters, long-range e-scooters, performance e-scooters and high-performing e-scooters.

Ride Hub also provides customers with FREE SHIPPING if they decide to buy online. Note: Shipping delivery times depend on the location. It may take 7-10 days to ship to Tasmania or 2-5 business days to New South Wales. Please expect delays that may occur depending on surrounding circumstances. You may also opt for Express Shipping with a minimal fee of $10 to $50 AUD depending on the delivery location.

For any purchases made at the Ride Hub Australia mall store, paying is as convenient as it is secure. The payment options include cash, cards like American Express, Mastercard, Visa and online platforms like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay, and PayPal. Less hassle, more time!

Why Choose Ride Hub Australia?

Ride Hub is in the business to make all of its customers satisfied as much as possible when it comes to their best electric scooters. They know everything there is to know about the premium e-scooters they stock. They have a range of tools and guides to help customers work out the right electric scooter for their lifestyle, even a buying guide for their convenience. For all the questions the customers have, Ride Hub also makes sure to address all of it personally and comprehensively. Every customer who visits Ride Hub will gain product knowledge and have a broad idea on the two-wheel e-scooter they are interested in, helping them make the best decision when purchasing the best e-scooter ever. Ride Hub Australia’s customer service and after-sales support is 100% something customers can definitely count on.

Visit Us at Ride Hub Australia

Ride Hub Australia is located in New South Wales, Sydney with two physical branches to visit: (1) 4th level, Macquarie Centre in CNR Herring Road & Waterloo Road North Ryde, NSW 2113; and (2) 129 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood, NSW 2067.

To stay updated with discounts and promos, follow the social media accounts of Ride Hub Australia.

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