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All About Electric Scooter Helmets

All About Electric Scooter Helmets


When riding an electric scooter, the most important piece of equipment that you should never leave without is a helmet! In fact, most states and territories that allow e-scooters in public require riders to wear an approved helmet. Otherwise, riders will need to pay a fine. However, aside from avoiding getting a fine, you should always wear a helmet to protect yourself in case of a fall or collision.

For those who still don’t have a helmet, do you know what type of helmet you should buy? Do you also know how to wear it properly? This quick electric scooter guide will walk you through all that you need to know about electric scooter helmets.

The Different Types of Electric Scooter Helmets

Here are the different types of helmets that electric scooter riders can wear.

1. Bicycle Helmet

Electric scooter riders can wear a regular bicycle helmet while riding. In fact, bicycle helmets are the most common type of scooter helmet worn in Australia. After all, it’s readily available, affordable, and comfortable.

If you’re riding speeds below 20 mi/h or 32 km/h on flat surfaces and during ideal conditions, then a bicycle helmet is the right fit. Bicycle helmets already offer enough protection when riding in these conditions.

2. BMX Helmet

A BMX or bicycle motocross helmet offers better protection thanks to its full-face protection. Because of this, this type of electric scooter helmet is suitable to wear when riding below 20 mi/h or 32 km/h. Moreover, it’s durability is perfect for protecting your head against high impacts.

However, despite their sturdy build, BMX helmets are still comfortable and well-ventilated. If you’re riding in rougher terrains, then a BMX helmet can give you more protection and safety while riding.

3. E-bike or Motorcycle Helmet

E-bike or motorcycle helmets also provide good protection since it also covers the whole face. However, unlike the BMX helmet, a motorcycle helmet is heavier, making it slightly uncomfortable for some riders. However, this provides the best possible protection since it’s suitable to wear when riding speeds over 20 mi/h or 32 km/h or riding on rough terrain. E-bike or motorcycle helmets are available in motorcycle shops and e-scooter specialty shops.

4. Full-face Helmet

Full-face helmets for electric scooters provide the best protection when riding. It not only covers your whole head, but it also prevents any dust or insects from entering your eyes or head. Some people might find the small visibility bothersome, but it protects the vital parts of the head such as the head, face, chin, and nape. If you are thinking of buying a full-face helmet, consider buying one that has a chin bar for better protection for your face.

How to Measure Your Helmet Size

To find the right helmet that fits, keep the following tips in mind when buying your electric scooter helmet.

  • Measure the circumference of your head with a measuring tape.
  • Make sure to measure it at 0.5 cm above the eyebrows.
  • Repeat measuring your head to ensure that you get consistent measurements
  • To make it easier and more accurate, ask another person to measure your head.
  • Most e-scooter helmets are measured in centimetres, so convert your size if you measured in inches.

Tips to Wear and Care for Your Electric Scooter Helmet

1. Put it on properly

To wear your electric scooter helmet properly, first, make sure that it sits level on your head. Keep in mind that it should cover the forehead and sit right above the eyebrows. The cheek pads shouldn’t press on your cheeks too much. Instead, it should touch your cheeks comfortably. Also, make sure that the strap dividers sit below your earlobes and adjust your chin strap to fit snugly on your chin. Ultimately, if it feels loose or uncomfortable, adjust or change your helmet.

2. Clean thoroughly and store it properly

To clean your electric scooter helmet, simply wash the helmet pads using water and mild soap. Then, wipe the whole helmet with a damp cloth. Most helmet pads are machine-washable so you don’t have to wash them by hand. Leave the helmet and helmet pads to dry in a cool and dry location. Finally, store your helmet in a cool, clean, and dry storage or area.

3. Replace old helmets

Unfortunately, helmets can only last for a few years. In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the US recommends replacing helmets every five to 10 years. So, it’s best not to use old ones again and replace old helmets. Moreover, don’t use helmets that have already been impacted, even if there are no cracks or damage. Since it has already absorbed the shock, impacted helmets have already weakened, making them unsafe to wear.

Always safety first

Remember to follow the tips above for your safety and protection. When buying electric scooter helmets in Australia, always buy from a trusted retailer or brand. Moreover, the best electric scooter helmet for adults is often a full-face helmet or an electric scooter helmet with visor since these types of helmets offer the most protection. Finally, make sure to buy quality helmets that are durable and long-lasting so that you can use them for a long time.

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