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6 Reasons to Ride an Electric Scooter


In the past few years, you might have seen more electric scooters on Australian roads or lanes. Thanks to shared e-scooter schemes like Lime and Neuron as well as popular e-scooter brands like Xiaomi, Segway, and INOKIM, electric scooters have had a steady growth in the Australian market. As a result, it has now penetrated the streets of Adelaide and Brisbane, among other cities.

However, given its popularity, should you also ride one or get your own? Some commuters are still sceptical of the electric scooter’s safety, but operators and manufacturers have already strengthened their models’ safety features, making e-scooters safer than ever. If you’re not sure if electric scooters are for you, here are reasons to ride an electric scooter today.

1. Commute in the most convenient way

One of the greatest benefits of using electric scooters is their convenience and efficiency. Thanks to the electric scooter’s slim frame, folding mechanism, light weight, and compact size, you can bring it anywhere, carry it easily on stairs or public transportation, and store it in small spaces.

Aside from this, electric scooters allow you to go anywhere, anytime. As long as you have enough battery charge, you will never have to worry about how to go to places because you will always have a ride. Just make sure to choose an e-scooter with a long maximum range or high battery capacity to make the most of your trips.

2. Say goodbye to traffic

Another reason to ride an electric scooter would be to avoid traffic. For commuters, traffic is the number one problem when travelling to work, school, or around the city.

Fortunately, using electric scooters saves you from sitting and waiting in traffic since they can bypass traffic easily. After all, electric scooters don’t use the roads. Instead, e-scooter riders ride on the sidewalk or dedicated lanes, depending on the city’s e-scooter law.

As a result, taking a different route will allow you to continue travelling and arrive faster at your destination. Moreover, it takes the stress away from waiting in traffic and offers a fun alternative to commuting.

3. Save on transport costs, especially in the long run

One thing that most commuters don’t realise about electric scooters is their cost-efficiency, especially in the long run. Riding a city car costs an initial average cost of $20,593, and that’s just the initial cost. Car owners would have to pay for fuel costs, maintenance costs, and parking fees as they use their cars.

On the other hand, when you buy an electric scooter, it costs around $300 to $1000. Moreover, owning an electric scooter does not need any fuel or parking cost. The only thing that you need to pay for is maintenance costs, but that is rare since e-scooters are low-maintenance vehicles. So, for an investment of $300 or $1000 electric scooter, you get a long-lasting commuter vehicle that doesn’t cost you more in the long run. This is just one reason why electric scooters are good for you.

4. No longer worry about parking

As mentioned previously, most electric scooter riders don’t need to pay parking fees. After all, you can always take your electric scooter with you anywhere since it’s light and compact. In fact, it is so compact that you can leave most foldable electric scooters under office desks.

In case you need to leave an e-scooter outside an establishment or building, you can always find a small spot on the sidewalk or park it on the bike racks. Just make sure to lock your electric scooter whenever it’s parked outside to keep it safe and secure. Overall, you don’t need to worry about finding an available parking space or paying for parking tickets with an electric scooter.

5. Discover new places

One reason to ride an electric scooter is to allow yourself to explore the city. A survey found that electric scooter riders discovered more local shops and attractions since using shared e-scooters.

After all, you have the freedom to go anywhere when riding an electric scooter. You can explore areas that public transportation or cars can’t reach. As long as electric scooters are allowed in an area, feel free to explore local shops and new streets. So, don’t hesitate to take a few detours during your daily commutes.

6. Reduce your carbon footprint while travelling

Lastly, there are also the environmental benefits of electric scooters. Since electric scooters don’t emit any harmful gases, this became one of the reasons why electric scooters have become popular.

Major cities like Paris have already started implementing and promoting the use of electric scooters in cities to reduce carbon emissions and air pollution from road transportation. In fact, a study by Lime found that e-scooters in Paris helped reduce carbon emissions by 330 tons per year.

Using electric scooters will help you contribute to reducing the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint while travelling, electric scooters are the perfect solution.

Why buy an electric scooter

Using shared electric scooters is a great way to try out e-scooters. However, to maximise the different electric scooter benefits, owning an e-scooter is better in the long run. It will give you better savings, more convenience, and 24/7 availability.

Moreover, a shared e-scooter’s lifespan is usually shorter than a personal electric scooter. So, you will not only get the most from your initial spending but also help avoid the negative environmental impact of discarded shared scooters. Browse through our shop to see which electric scooter model suits your lifestyle.

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